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Jan 15


  • [Marketing Management] WeCom marketing new tag model permission management, set permissions by department, standardize tag management, avoid tag abuse
  • [Marketing Management] Multi-venue activities, support automatic synchronization of parent market campaign members to child market campaign members according to rules
  • [Marketing Management] Partner marketing support open marketing materials permission, downstream partners to obtain materials for promotion, upgrade the upstream and downstream joint marketing scenarios
  • [Marketing Management] Baidu advertising OAuth2.0 authorization upgrade, one key authorization to access Baidu advertising
  • [Sales Management] Lead to customer, contact, business opportunity support from object mapping, improve the efficiency of lead conversion
  • [Sales Management] Enterprise micro SCRM, add leads/customers/contacts in CRM as enterprise micro friends to quickly start business
  • [Sales Management] New rebate management, powerful rebate engine to help companies customize the rules of rebate generation and consumption, incentivize dealers to achieve performance
  • [Service Management] Refine spare parts management, spare parts application, shipment, receipt, consumption, recovery of the whole life cycle of accurate management
  • [Service Management] New engineer track map, can generate engineer track path according to work order punching, easy for management personnel to query management
  • [Service Management] Service skills support verification by skill rules and valid time verification of engineer skills
  • [Service Management] New customer service status monitoring workbench, real-time view of the day session access, queuing, online and other information to improve management efficiency
  • [Channel Management] Order through the online payment access to the direct connection payment capabilities of the bank enterprises, dealers use corporate Internet banking payments to achieve public-to-public payments
  • [Channel Management] New visitor mode is added to OrderManager, supporting visitors without account to browse the enterprise mall, opening up marketing scenarios such as promotion, customer expansion and activities
  • [PaaS] New export restrictions on field permissions, managers can configure whether sensitive fields support export according to their needs, which can meet the enterprise's requirements for data security
  • [PaaS] Approval support triggers free approval process, allowing independent selection of process approvers, which can solve the special approval process without a fixed template in the actual approval
  • [PaaS] Custom pages and object list pages support top navigation settings, and multiple types of components can be placed on different pages to realize the requirements of enterprise scenario home page.

Dec 25


  • [Sales Management] Business Opportunity Forecast can adjust the forecast task result value
  • [Sales Management] Project list click on the project to enter the Gantt chart or project details can be configured
  • [Sales Management] One enterprise WeChat can dock multiple CRMs, enterprise WeChat customers with one click to associate CRM historical data
  • [Service Management] Auto-assignment support matching customer-specific service engineers, dynamic matching, cyclic allocation
  • [Service Management] New special action type for standard work on site, applicable to standard work scenarios across days, can repeat and remind by day/fixed duration
  • [Service Management] New multi-person collaborators for on-site standard work, supporting multiple people to execute and record on the same workflow at the same time
  • [Channel management] Order through out of the box, preset data permissions and related reports
  • [Channel Management] OrderManager Enterprise WeChat version, shelves to enterprise WeChat application market
  • [Channel management] Agent pass supports WeChat small program entrance
  • [PaaS] When the main and related objects are created together, the related objects support the creation of multiple different objects
  • [PaaS] Show the remaining processing time of the current task node in the business process node, so that it is easy to count the processing efficiency of each stage later
  • [FMCG industry] Intelligent generation of route plans by store visit frequency, solving the problem of difficult route planning when different visit frequencies are set by store channels
  • [FMCG industry] budget consumption rules support more flexible budget table designation
  • [FMCG industry] Promotion guide management: automatic generation of attendance periods according to the scheduling table and overtime applications

Nov 20


  • [PaaS] Process supports tenant/personal level delegation settings, solving the scenario of employees delegating the process to others due to vacation/transfer
  • [Marketing Management] Marketing conversion data is transmitted back to the advertising platform in real time to continuously optimize the placement effect and get more quality leads
  • [Marketing Management] Partner marketing support to send posters, customers scan the code to submit leads automatically associated partners, easy to lead distribution
  • [Sales Management] New bid communication, support for bidding data retrieval, comparison, one-click transfer CRM, help enterprises open source and market insight
  • [Sales Management] New project resource management view, visualize project progress and personnel load to maximize human efficiency
  • [Service Management] Equipment one thing one code generation rules, equipment-specific digital business cards, support multi-terminal code query
  • [Service Management] New engineer distribution map, real-time global view of engineer map distribution
  • [FMCG industry] Supervisor collaborative visit execution action support settings to achieve flexible configuration of visit steps for co-visit scenarios
  • [FMCG industry] Support one key to generate growth chart and share to WeChat friends when order is completed
  • [FMCG industry] Total control management of expense budget, support flexible and configurable multi-dimensional budgeting / disassembly / consumption / accrual

Sep 11


  • [Marketing Management] Support accurate evaluation of activity ROI for activities, meeting scenarios, etc.
  • [Marketing Management] Enterprise Micro Marketing Pass H5 version online
  • [Sales Management] People relationship radar
  • [Sales Management] Product attributes, attribute combination constraint relationship upgrade
  • [Sales Management] Support “whether to re-fetch price” when backfilling the order and quotation data selected from the draft box
  • [Service Management] Standard operation SOP, standardize the operation steps of engineers
  • [Service Management] Intelligent customer service with semantic recognition capability
  • [Service Management] Support email to work order with one key
  • [Channel Management] Add one-click order placement to order through
  • [Channel Management] Balance payment supports deducting multiple account balances
  • [BI] Support international map, visualize customer distribution and custom statistics
  • [PaaS] Date field support multi-type display
  • [PaaS] Process nodes support master and slave editing together
  • [PaaS] Process node support configuration APL code
  • [FMCG] Terminal stocking standards and mandatory distribution management
  • [FMCG] Car sales order can be placed by product batch
  • [FMCG] Budget management upgrade, can be flexibly configured,

Jul 3


  • [Marketing Management] Multi-advertising platform lead access, accurate evaluation of the ROI
  • [Marketing Management] Marketing activities support paid registration, commodity purchase and other scenarios
  • [Sales Management] RFM model to quantify customer value and achieve accurate operation
  • [Sales Management] Mining potential customers from the massive tender data, efficient open source customer acquisition
  • [Service Management] Service report support SMS, WeChat notification of customer signature confirmation
  • [Service Management] Support for secondary automatic order assignment by rules within service groups
  • [PaaS] Aggregate multiple data cockpits of each role into one menu, more business focused
  • [PaaS] Mobile object list page can be classified to show the summary of different businesses
  • [Enterprise Internet] OrderManager is ready to use out of the box, 5 steps to build an exclusive order mall
  • [FMCG Application] Terminal store inventory can be collected by batch, instantly grasp the freshness of terminal goods
  • [FMCG application] Car sales, lead single delivery support WeChat / Alipay sweep code collection
  • [FMCG Application] Promotion guide module optimization

Apr 23


  • [Marketing Management] Enterprise micro circle of friends, support for sending promotional tasks
  • [Marketing Management] Enterprise micro welcome message, support custom content and push
  • [Sales Management] can allocate leads according to staff weighting to improve the efficiency of resource conversion
  • [Sales Management] New delivery-based project management suite, can control the project delivery progress
  • [Sales Management] Different units of the same product can not follow the conversion ratio pricing between units
  • [Service Management] Manual dispatch can be assigned roles
  • [Service Management] New service reports can be pushed to users after work orders are completed
  • [PaaS] Mobile end supports custom menu
  • [PaaS] Access to Google Maps to meet a variety of positioning needs
  • [FMCG Application] Support print template configuration for sales invoice, you can configure the display content on demand
  • [FMCG application] Support one-key batch transfer and copy for stores in the line
  • [FMCG application] TPM marketing activities upgrade, flexible build all kinds of activities process
  • [Enterprise Internet] New version of OrderManager released, upgrade product experience

Mar 13


  • [Sales Management] Lead pool cycle allocation rules upgraded to ensure fair lead distribution
  • [Sales Management] Support APL function to read back to CRM for business labels, shareholder information, etc. to enrich customer portrait
  • [Service Management] Work order cycle assignment can be automatically assigned to the best engineer according to customer level, etc.
  • [Service Management] Spare parts management supports various spare parts inventory modes
  • [Service Management] Online customer service new unified workbench, support WeChat, web and other customer service fast switching session
  • [PaaS] Business flow support sign-in and sign-out
  • [PaaS] Personnel object support employee code and other information verification
  • [PaaS] Master and slave object import and export support multiple slave objects
  • [BI] Support bubble chart
  • [OrderManager] internationalization, support overseas channel distributors to order online
  • [Visiting] customer visit check-in and check-out can be independently controlled distance
  • [Visiting] support one key to lock the optimal visit route
  • [Visiting] support batch copy transfer of stores within the route